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Inground Pools Perth

Hear What Matt & El'ise Have To Say About Inground Pools Perth From The Block!

Perth's Largest Award Winning Inground Pool Range

The Only 5 Tick Certified Pool Company In WA


Perth's Largest Award Winning Inground Pool Range

The Only 5 Tick Certified Pool Company In WA


The Byron Series is a perfect addition to your home. Featuring a range of sizes, you can upgrade your backyard today with this cleverly designed pool design. Relax and unwind with the Byron Series today.


The Stradbroke Series offers a sleek and space-efficient pool design, making it an excellent choice for compact backyards. With its continuous bench and unobstructed swimming area, the Stradbroke pool is the perfect oasis for both relaxation and swimming.

Introducing our newest addition, the Preston Series, a slimline pool design tailored for slender backyards and confined spaces. This contemporary design boasts a full-length bench and a seamless swimming area.

The Jurien pool stands out as one of our most sought-after geometric pool designs. It includes a continuous bench, inconspicuous side entry steps, and gracefully curved corners, creating a clean and chic appearance.

The Palm Beach Series represents a fresh addition to the Inground Pools Perth lineup. With its gracefully curved internal wall, it exemplifies the latest in cutting-edge design aesthetics.

Introducing our most recent addition, the Cervantes Series, featuring a continuous bench, discreet side entry steps, and sleek, tightly curved corners that create a chic and refined appearance.

The Coastal Series is our newest pool range! Featuring a full length bench across the long side of the pool, easy entry and exits allow for safe access. Imagine swimming in a crystal clear swimming pool, indulging in the very best of affordable luxury.


The Horizon series presents an elegant and contemporary pool design. With ample width and a spacious swimming area, it’s ideal for both exercise and leisure. The full-length bench seating provides the perfect spot for relaxation with loved ones.

The Medina exudes modern style, making it the perfect complement for contemporary homes. Its sleek design features tight radius corners and side entry steps, creating a clean and sophisticated aesthetic.

The Hampton Series is one of our most popular geometric pool designs. It offers plenty of width and generous swimming area, perfect for entertaining with family and friends.

Bold and sophisticated, the Cottesloe boasts dual entry and exit points making it extremely versatile on its position in most settings.

Introducing the Palm Springs Series, the newest addition to the Factory Pools Perth collection. Its modern, sleek one-piece design features clean lines, making it the ultimate family entertainer that seamlessly combines the advantages of a pool and a spa in one harmonious unit.

Featuring precise tight radius corners for a more polished appearance, the side entry steps are cleverly positioned outside the swimming area, maximizing the available space for swimming. This design also provides a spacious seating area, creating the ideal spot for relaxation.

As Australia’s largest fiberglass pool, the Hampton Grande boasts a wader bench that’s perfect for unwinding on a scorching summer day. Furthermore, it offers ample width and an uninterrupted swimming length, making it an ideal choice for both exercise and recreational activities.

The Hybrid Series presents a versatile pool design, perfectly suited for both physical activity and leisurely relaxation. Its multiple entry points and in-pool seating area provide ample opportunities for everyone to sit back and unwind.

Elevate your backyard and entertainment space with the Spa Wader Series, bringing a touch of luxury to your outdoor haven.

The Stradbroke Pool & Spa makes for a seamless addition to your backyard. Combining the best of both worlds, this striking configuration represents the next level in enhancing both your outdoor space and your overall lifestyle.

Our spa collection is the ideal choice for leisure and serves as the perfect complement to your fiberglass pool. Immerse yourself in the warm bubbles to unwind, revitalize, and regain your energy.

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Inground Pools Perth

Inground Pools Perth is part of the esteemed Barrier Reef Group, created with the mission to deliver high-quality fibreglass swimming pools at a cost-effective price for families across Western Australia. Our range encompasses a selection of stylish and modern pool designs, from compact to expansive sizes, along with combinations of spas and waders. Proudly offering a lifetime structural and surface warranty, our pools are crafted right here in Western Australia at our cutting-edge facility. We are committed to providing you with the finest quality pool at a price that’s accessible.

If you think you’re getting a better deal elsewhere don’t hesitate getting back to us and we will beat the price by $1,000 – Conditions Apply.



When you choose a pool from Inground Pools Perth, you’re securing the finest quality available in Australia. We stand out as the only fibreglass pool manufacturer in the country to achieve the prestigious Australian Standards 5 tick certified product certification, underscoring our commitment to offering unparalleled quality fibreglass pools.

Our selection spans a wide array of shapes, sizes, colours, and designs. Recognising that every customer has distinct preferences and requirements for their pool, our extensive range ensures that you’ll find the perfect match for your unique needs.

Our team is comprised of expert, highly-trained pool builders, all of whom have received their training directly from us at Factory Pools and Spas, giving you confidence in their qualifications. If you’re ready to enhance your backyard with a top-tier fibreglass pool, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our dedicated team is ready to assist in any way possible, helping to turn your backyard into the oasis of your dreams!


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About Inground Pools Perth

Building Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing The Right Fibreglass Pool For The Family

Deciding On What Pool Is Best For Your Family

Choosing the right fibreglass pool for your family is a hard question with so many different pool options and different opinions. We suggest you make a list and then tick the boxes.

Firstly you need to consider the age group of your family and what the pool is really for. e.g Swimming or playing in.

Questions to ask yourself.

  1. Size of pool: How long and how wide?
  2. Depth of Pool: Deep end shallow end?
  3. Entrance to pool: Ease of access to the pool? 
  4. Do you require:  A salt water pool, chlorine pool or a fresh water pool?
Do The Pools Come With A Warranty?

Our fibreglass pools are supported by a Lifetime Structural Warranty and a gelcoat colour (internal) warranty that meets Australian Standards and SPASA guidelines.FPP Lifetime Structural Warranty, Made In WA, SPASA Logo

Why Fresh Water Pool?

Advantages Of A Fresh Water Pool

Ozone Swim uses an advanced oxidation process to produce ozone gas (03) into the pool circulation. When this ozone (03) is injected into the water, it breaks down into oxygen

There are many operating, health, environmental and assurance benefits when you convert your swimming pool to fresh water.

  • Very easy to maintain
  • Eliminates most of the regular consumables including salt, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide and stabiliser
  • Freshwater prolongs life of all equipment and reduces staining and corrosion on pool surface, fixtures, glass fencing, landscaping and outdoor stainless steel kitchens
  • Residual sanitiser and algaecide lasts for weeks, ensuring you will never come home to a green pool
  • Works with all types of pumps and filters
  • Ensures air quality for indoor pools.

Health & environmental benefits:

  • Eliminates most chemicals known to cause serious health issues
  • Non irritating to skin and eyes
  • Beneficial for asthmatics, psoriasis and eczema sufferers
  • Pool and backwash water can be recycled without diluting for use in gardens, holding tanks, and grey water systems

Assurance benefits:

  • Since 1984, every Olympic pool, including the Olympic pool at Homebush Stadium in Sydney has used an ozone system with competitive swimmers saying it is the preferred choice for racing and diving.
  • Brauer Industries was established in 2004 and is now one of Australia’s leading distributors of a range of products for water sanitation
  • Endorsed by the Australian Swim School Association and are used at many iconic locations including Laurie Lawrence’s Swim Schools, Dreamworld, Q1 Resort & Spa and the Imperial Hotel.
How Deep Are Our Fibreglass Pools?

Swimming Pool Depths

All Inground Pools Perth pool depths range from 1.5 metres deep to 1.85 metres deep.

How Much Does A Fibreglass Pool Cost?

Cost For A Swimming Pool

Depending on the size of the pool, the price can vary considerably. Inground Pools Perth have a large range of fibreglass pools that come in all shapes and sizes with prices starting from a low $15,990* up to $40,000* for our larger pools.

*Plus Statutory Fees & Charges.

What Pool Colours Do We Have?

Our Selection Of Swimming Pool Colours

With 6 different colours to choose from, Inground Pools Perth is sure to have a colour that suits your requirements.

What Options and Accessories To Consider?

Accessories and Options For Your Swimming Pool

We have a large range of accessories to choose from including Water Features, Fencing, Paving and Landscaping ideas to make your pool area look stunning. Please contact us for more information.

How To Choose A Fibreglass Pool Manufacturer

Pool Manufacturers – Choosing The Right One

Deciding on who to buy your fibreglass pool from will be the hardest decision you have to make.

Not all fibreglass pools are built the same and this is partly why the price of a fibreglass pool can vary considerably from company to company.

Buying locally is normally the better option because if you have any issues you can speak directly with the manufacturer.

Why Buy From Us?

Buying From Fibreglass Pools Adelaide

At Inground Pools Perth, we have the best value for money for fibreglass pools in Western Australia. All pools are built at our brand new State Of The Art Facility in Perth. If you wish you can even visit to see your pool being manufactured!

4 Easy Steps To Owning Your Own Perth Inground Pool

1. Contact Us For A Free No-Obligation Quote

One of our friendly and experienced team from Inground Pools Perth will be in contact to organise a quote onsite.

2. Obtaining The Approval For Your Quote

All council approvals will be organised by our experienced dealer, this will be done before we start the job.

3. Installation Of Your Pool

We will start the process of the construction and excavation of your pool, you can rest assured that this process will be hassle-free as much as possible and can take as little as 7 days to be completed.

4. Enjoying Your Pool

Congratulations! You now have your own top quality fibreglass swimming pool with one of Australia’s favourite companies. Now you can enjoy those warm sunny days, relax, have fun and make the most of life for many years to come!