Our Pool Construction Layers

Fibreglass Swimming Pools Perth


Fibreglass Pools Adelaide uses Advanced Kevlar® Coping Technology in the manufacturing of all our pools. Kevlar® is a heat-resistant strong synthetic fibre that has 5 times the strength of steel, ensuring the ultimate strength and support. Kevlar® is best known for its use in bulletproof vests and knife proof body armour, but it has dozens of other applications as well. It’s used as reinforcement in cars, boats, aircraft bodies and now our very own Fibreglass Pools Adelaide pool shell. The Kevlar® laminate is built into the coping of our pools, reducing the flex in the pool coping that result in a solid platform for the pavers to sit on. Our advanced Kevlar® Coping Technology is backed with a Lifetime warranty, providing all our customers with the highest quality, long lasting pool.